Our Commitment to the Community

One of our fundamental values at St. Cloud Regional Medical Center is our commitment to our local community. We maintain this commitment both collectively as an organization and individually in our personal contributions.

St. Cloud Regional Medical Center is extraordinarily proud to have served our community since 1964. Our Associates, physicians and hospital volunteers continuously seek ways to provide the highest quality care available to our patients and to take important health education and awareness information out into our community.

This report highlights the many ways that our hospital impacts our community and brings to light the exceptional care our Associates, physicians and volunteers provide to those we serve every day.

About St. Cloud Regional Medical Center

St. Cloud Regional Medical Center is a 84-bed acute care hospital serving Osceola County and the surrounding areas. Offering a full range of medical services and procedures to patients in the region, the hospital had more than 41,000 patient interactions in 2011.

St. Cloud Regional is one of the largest tax-paying entities and employers in Osceola County, with a total economic impact exceeding $62.8 million in 2011 alone.

Economic Impact

  • 420 Associates
  • More than $25 million in employee wages and benefits in 2011
  • Provided $31.6 million in uncompensated care in 2011
  • Paid in excess of $800,000 in taxes in 2011

Our Commitment to Quality

St. Cloud Regional Medical Center brings quality health care to this community with comprehensive services and an experienced team of physicians and caregivers.

St. Cloud Regional is committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of our physicians and patients by investing in modern technology and expanding the services we provide. In the past five years, we have invested $15.7 million for facility and service improvements.

Our Associates and physicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in the safest environment possible. A reflection of their determination to these two important areas of health care is exemplified by St. Cloud Regional Medical Center being honored with multiple awards and certifications over the past three years.

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