St. Cloud Regional Medical Center is a Top Performer for Quality Surgical Procedures

St. Cloud, FL (September 10, 2012) - Ask people who are scheduled for surgery about their major anxieties and the responses will most likely involve concerns about pain and recovery time. At St. Cloud Regional Medical Center, talented physicians, highly trained staff, and top-notch technology work hand-in-hand to alleviate those anxieties and to get patients back on their feet again.

St. Cloud Regional’s surgeons have the newest tools at their fingertips within the Smart Operating Rooms. The Smart Operating Rooms offer superior high definition imaging and unique radiology integration. The capabilities of the rooms’ technology can integrate the equipment for various specialties into one complete system, increasing both versatility and accuracy. The rooms are also equipped with specialized airflow technology to continually circulate pure air into the surgical room, lessening the opportunity for infection. And with the push of a button, surgeons or staff can display or transmit images electronically, improving efficiency and communication.

With the state of the art technology in St. Cloud Regional’s Smart Operating Rooms, surgeons are able to perform a wide variety of procedures that span various specialties not limited to ENT, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Surgical Oncology, and Urology. 

St. Cloud Regional’s accomplished surgeons are also able to perform minimally invasive procedures. The benefits of minimally invasive procedures address the top concerns of most patients: pain and recovery. Many times, minimally invasive procedures offer the benefits of smaller incisions that can heal faster and reduce pain. They also reduce time spent in the hospital.

A large part of the patient experience involves not only the surgeon and the technology, but also the surgical staff.  Dr. Harald Henningsen, Orthopedic Surgeon, states that, “the operating room staff and surgical nurses [at St. Cloud Regional Medical Center] are among the best in Central Florida.”  Dr. Henningsen also recognizes the importance of what the facility provides to the post-surgical patient: “Having a dedicated Surgical Wing with private rooms makes for an improved post-operative patient and family environment.” If a surgery requires a hospital stay, St. Cloud Regional provides private rooms in a wing full of nurses and other clinical staff members who specialize in helping post-surgical patients get back to their lives as quickly as possible.  

St. Cloud Regional Medical Center’s Quality Surgical Team participates in state of the art quality care initiatives to continually assure the safest outcomes for all surgical procedures. When asked about the care of surgical patients, Dr. Robert Capobianco, General Surgeon, states: “It’s our people that make the difference!” At St. Cloud Regional, optimal recovery is the ultimate measurement of success. 

St. Cloud Regional received an “A” rating for the Triennial 2012 Joint Commission Survey. The hospital also offers Lunch & Learn seminars and other classes, like the Right Track Joint Replacement Class, to educate patients on surgical procedures and community health concerns. 

For more information on surgical services or to view a complete listing of upcoming community events, click here. St. Cloud Regional’s Physician Referral Line can be accessed at (407) 891-2921.